10 Payments. 10 months. no interest.

Cufflink Art partners with Art Money to make art more accessible, supporting artists and a sustainable creative economy. Art Money allows you to enjoy your artwork now and pay over time, whilst we and our artists are paid immediately. Use with us or at over 40 galleries in Texas and over 1,200 galleries around the world.


(first time clients)

Quick & easy real-time application

Go to artmoney.com and select ‘Get Started’.
Complete the application, request a credit limit to suit your art budget, up to $100,000.
Real time approval, if we require more information we will contact you asap.
Soft inquiry will not impact your credit score.



Select & Purchase your artwork

Click ‘Buy Artwork’ once logged into your account.
Enter purchase and repayment details (card or bank – monthly auto debits).
Pay minimum 10% deposit to the gallery.
They then complete a few simple steps and congratulations it’s yours!



Build your collection with Art Money

Ongoing credit facility to help build your collection. Like a virtual card for art.
Finance multiple works concurrently – or buy one, pay it off, buy your next. Your choice.
Apply for increased credit any time – choose an art budget that’s right for you. Manage your art buying responsibly.