Spring '21 Fresh Works 
February 12, 2021 – May 17, 2021 

Cufflink Art is excited to showcase a group exhibition of works from regionally diverse artists who comprise the gallery’s roster. The collection of works curated by owners Douglas Gault and Joseph Luong, mixes in a variety of mediums including meticulous graphite drawings by Marshall Harris, subliminal compositions through oil on canvas by Linda Shobe, personal storytelling via collage by Dwight Owsley, intimate close-up portraits from the perspective of Nathan Madrid, dark yet mischievous concrete sculptures by Ross Bonfanti, and digitally abstract maps manipulated by Scott Anderson. 

In addition, the gallery offsets their programming of unique works alongside accessibility by offering limited edition prints, fine art books, and small objects. The gallery is located in the Near Southside neighborhood of Fort Worth which has recently been designated as a state cultural district. The Near Southside is home to a multitude of arts, entertainment and creative organizations and continues to foster building a creative and supportive community. 
Best Laid Plans 
November 13, 2020 – January 13, 2021 

The Best Laid Plans series is made from plans, schematics, blueprints, sketches, and scribbled dreams. Often utilized for buildings, sometimes for cities, while others are created for monuments, industrial works, ships—whatever man can envision. 

The idea behind all this is that, despite many plans and ideas, things can still go wrong and things may change. Buildings may crumble, kings may have whims, wars may happen, chaos and accidents can occur. Sometimes all at once. Life. 

Along with the actual buildings, the plans themselves may crumble, fade, get folded, be shoved in drawers, be forgotten, stained or torn. 

Like the resulting structures and events, the plans themselves are sometimes sweetly naive. Other times, they stand against time and endure. Just as often, the passage of time imparts its own influence and aura—improving on, elevating and validating the plans. 

Layered like dust, sediment and additions to what others have made over time, Best Laid Plans provides a re-imagination of how we can experience both time, and ideas behind parts of the physical world we impose our will upon.
What's in a name
September 9, 2020 – October 31, 2020 

Cufflink’s inaugural group exhibition includes works by Marshall K. Harris, Linda Shobe, Ross Bonfanti, and Scott Anderson. What’s in a Name focuses on the pragmatic and complex process of perceptions, contextualizations and feelings associated with pairing names to their visual hosts. The exhibition, in addition, raises the question behind the origins of the gallery’s name.