Stabbed 2

2020 Cast concrete, toy parts and steak knife
8 × 7.0 × 9.0 in


● No Longer Available

No Longer Available

Using stuffed toys and thrift shop finds, Ross Bonfanti manipulates mass-produced objects to construct original mixed media sculptures predominantly made in concrete. Through the juxtaposition of his materials, he casts an arresting tension between the expectation of softness and the reality of hardness, between the fleeting and the permanent, between the memories of childhood and the stresses of adulthood, between sentimental importance and consumer market value. His work reflects the current global, social and political moods as well as commenting on commodity fetishism and our disposable consumer pop culture. We often seek relief in objects.

These sculptures carry a sensitive mystique, they become a petrified emotive piece of history.

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